Vascular surgery

Surgical treatment is sometimes the best and often the only solution to the problems associated with varicose veins. Undertaking it at the right time results in the elimination of venous hypertension which is the main factor in the development of varicose veins. In our clinic we perform professional, safe and most importantly - effective removal of leg varicose veins using a variety of methods depending for example on the severity of the disease. Our medical center offers proven ways to get rid of these troublesome ailments. Patient's health and well-being is under constant supervision of a qualified specialist, vascular surgeon. We also perform dialysis fistulas, Doppler ultrasound and surgery pre-checks. L'assai Medical Clinic is located in Gdynia, in a charming, sea facing location that supports treatment. Both the attractiveness of our services and the full professionalism of their performance attract like a magnet. Summarizing, patients from all over Poland and even from the world have trusted us. Now we are waiting for you!

  • non-invasive treatment of varicose veins

laser removal of varicose veins, which involves the thermal reduction of abnormal venous vessels; it is a very effective non-surgical method of removing leg varicose veins

a procedure usually performed in the case of chronic venous insufficiency; due to the application of a special preparation, the varicose vein disappears due to the lack of blood pressure in the vessel

non-invasive method of removal of varicose veins using obliteration, i.e. closing the venous vessel with mechanical and chemical stimuli

glueing of varicose veins; the procedure consists in closing the light of the varicose vein using medical glue, which is introduced through the applicator into the middle of the vessel

closure of varicose veins with steam at a temperature of approx. 110 ° - 140 ° C

 laser removal of dilated capillaries and so-called venous spider veins

a procedure for removing varicose veins of the lower limbs locally; it consists in removing sick veins using phlebological hooks through several millimeter skin incisions

  • arteriovenous fistula for dialysis
  • qualification for surgery
  • Doppler ultrasonography