Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is one of medicine's fastest growing areas. It is a great solution when you want to touch up your beauty and slightly improve your natural looks. Plastic surgeries performed by professional doctors are non-invasive, effective and - above all - safe. In our plastic surgery clinic we deal with professional correction of facial and body imperfections as well as beautifying and rejuvenating selected areas. We invite you to our medical center for professional and completely safe treatments. Do leave it all up to natural looks - look naturally beautiful and the way you want! L'assai Medical Clinic is located in Gdynia, in a charming, sea facing location that supports treatment. Both the attractiveness of our services and the full professionalism of their performance attract like a magnet. Summarizing, patients from all over Poland and even from the world have trusted us. Now we are waiting for you!

directed to patients aged 40+; it consists in precise stretching of the buccal fascia and skin to improve the appearance of the cheeks; the same applies to the neck - stretching of the broad muscle eliminates wrinkles and possible bulge below the chin as a so-called gill

this is a procedure based on the appropriate modeling of the pinna cartilage so that it is semi-circular, and finally the ears were closer to the face; it is performed in both adults and children

removing the fold of stretched, wrinkled skin on the eyelids, which can cause vision problems; Blepharoplasty also includes the correction of the lower eyelids, hence the reduction of the so-called "bags under the eyes"

this is the alignment of the lip width of the upper and lower lip and the restoration of the symmetry of the lip shape; the procedure works like a permanent liner and compensates for any imperfections of this part of the face