General surgery

We are not just a clinic of aesthetic medicine. We also provide service within general surgery and aesthetic surgery. We perform treatments to improve the appearance, quality of life and most important health. We invite you to our medical center, in which beside diagnostics, we also qualify for surgery. Our surgeons are specialists with many years of experience that you can trust. L'assai Medical Clinic is located in Gdynia, in a charming, sea facing location that supports treatment. Both the attractiveness of our services and the full professionalism of their performance attract like a magnet. Summarizing, patients from all over Poland and even from the world have trusted us. Now we are waiting for you!

these may include: sebaceous cysts,  fibromas,  tubercle, nævus; every skin change should be regularly checked by a medical professional; in case of successful qualification for operation, the surgeon cuts out the affected piece of skin, while preventing scarring; the skin nodules and any other removed lesions are given for histopathological examination at the request of our patient

 subcutaneous (fat) tissue tumors, i.e. lipomas (lipoma) should be regularly checked by a surgeon and if necessary removed because delaying can lead to complications; like fibroids, atheromas, nodules, stigmas

  • excision of sebaceous cysts removal
  • excision of fibromas removal
  • excision of tubercle removal
  • excision of nævus removal
  • excision of pilonidal disease removal

excision of ingrown nails is necessary, threatening with not just discomfort and pain; not properly treated it risks complications requiring long and unpleasant treatment

  • diagnostics of:
  • hernia
  • cholecystolithiasis
  • other

a highly trained surgeon examines the patient, evaluates the results of the tests and; if necessary, orders or performs additional tests and then qualifies for surgery

evaluates the material (tissue) taken from the patient and using microscope rules out malicious processes and assess the severity of the potential disease; this examination is carried out at the request of our patient; we recommend doing it after each change extraction

we deal with diseases affecting the last part of the gastrointestinal tract (rectum, anus); these are disorders that cause very unpleasant pain, often making the patient uncomfortable (unnecessarily!)

  • anal fissure
  • haemorrhoids
  • anal fistula
  • incontinence feces

using our high-tech ultrasound scan,  the physician evaluates structures suspected for lesions