Aesthetic orthopaedics

We invite you to the private orthopedic office of our clinic for treatments in the field of aesthetic orthopedics. If you are looking for a good orthopedist who will help you with your problems regarding injuries or illnesses, you have just found him! Each of our orthopedic surgeons is a competent and qualified doctor who has many years of experience in the profession; in their work, everyone uses only specialized preparations (eg collagen, hyaluronic acid - viscosupplementation, platelet rich plasma) and diagnostics (ultrasonography of joints). L'assai Medical Clinic is located in Gdynia, in a charming, sea facing location that supports treatment. Both the attractiveness of our services and the full professionalism of their performance attract like a magnet. Summarizing, patients from all over Poland and even from the world have trusted us. Now we are waiting for you!

a chronic disease, which causes excessive joint overload and decreased efficiency of the elements from which this pond is built

  • collagens
  • stem cells
  • platelet-rich plasma PRP Platelet Rich Plasma
  • viscosupplementation

tendon sheath tenosynovitis of flexion fingers, causing a characteristic sign of "jumping" within them

a gelatinous cyst with fluid inside, which usually forms around the wrist and causes pain

these are changes in the peripheral nerves that cause symptoms such as pain, numbness or tingling, usually within the wrist or elbow

diseases involving tendons that lead to inflammation

changes of muscle tendinals, which are the result of excessive stress and strain

we surgically repair badly growing bones that can lead to such ailments as e.g.

a disease that results in the death of fragments of bone tissue without the participation of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and parasites)

  • ultrasonography of joints